Improve IAQ

Pathogen free air reduces sickness, increases productivity

Restore Confidence

Safe indoor air restores confidence, builds trust

Sustainable & Efficient

Allows safe air recirculation, reduces energy consumption

Stronger Asset Valuations

Enhances property values, demonstrates good governance

Improve IAQ

Pathogen free air reduces sickness, increases productivity

Restore Confidence

Safe indoor air restores confidence, builds trust

Sustainable & Efficient

Allows safe air recirculation, reduces energy consumption

Stronger Asset Valuations

Enhances property values, demonstrates good governance

PRS – What we do

Pathogen Reduction Solutions limited (PRS) is a science led company that provides safe air solutions for indoor spaces. Established at the beginning of the pandemic to develop ‘anti-covid’ systems for large buildings, PRS has continued to innovate, refine, and test its technology to such an extent that our systems are proven to handle viruses, bacteria and moulds that are far tougher to ‘kill’ than SARS-CoV-2.

Our proprietary equipment uses high intensity UVC 254nm light within a unique optical cavity to instantly inactivate pathogens within mechanical air handling systems. PRS technology has undergone rigorous testing with a variety of pathogens from SARS-CoV-2 to Aspergillus Niger. Results confirm that we have the leading UVC solution in the world. Full details of testing can be found here.

Continual treatment by PRS systems allows buildings to safely recirculate air, leading to significant energy savings and a healthier environment for occupants. PRS preserves asset values, restores confidence, and improves productivity, whilst meeting obligations for Environmental Social Governance (ESG).


“PRS patented technology, fully tested and compliant, is an integral part of the new IAQ story…” 

Ian Sinclair

CEO & Founder

I am honored to be joining the PRS Advisory Board at a time when reduced energy consumption and improved air quality are the watchwords for mitigating climate change and improving human health. Our shared goal is to accelerate the path for people-first places that can support the health of millions of people now, and in the future. It’s an exciting time.”

Advisory Board Member

Ann Marie Aguilar
Senior Vice President
International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)

Proven Efficacy

Being scienced based and rapidly becoming the world leading experts in this field, we believe continuous R&D, product evolution and advanced testing are all vital to both our business, and world science understanding of the problems and solutions we all need.

To this end, we have insisted the efficacy testing carried out on our optical cavity used ‘Live’ pathogens (initially: SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Measles) rather than surrogates, in fast moving air (6m/s – residence time of 1/6 second), in conditions that replicate real life. This testing exceeds standards set by ASHRAE 185 and ISO 15714.

After this initial testing we worked with the NHS’ Innovation Agency team at the University of Liverpool to confirm efficacy using their testing standards. Their protocol differed considerably from our earlier testing, and involved using Micrococcus Luteus, a bacterium that is far harder to kill than the viruses used in our earlier testing. A control technology was used for comparison, which PRS outperformed by a factor of 10.

Having completed testing using NHS protocols we then used their bacteria and ASHRAE’s preferred pathogen, (Mycobacterium Parafortuitum) in testing that matched our earlier work with SARS-CoV-2 et al. For good measure we then modified our air speed and subjected our test unit to Aspergillus Niger, a particularly hardy fungus.

IAQ Solutions

PRS technology will be an integral part of most future IAQ management strategies. It is applicable for both large centralised and smaller localised air handling needs, meeting each unique space’s design and air flow characteristics, helping to provide an Infection Resilient Environment.

A UK report, published in 2022, highlights the need for action to ensure such infection resilience within indoor spaces. Authored by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC), a panel led by Royal Academy of Engineering, the report calls for detailed cost benefit analysis to determine investment required and the projected benefits. They also point out current failings and make recommendations to Government and enforcement agencies about improvements to be made in future legislation. A copy of the NEPC report can be downloaded from the adjacent link.

Our systems provide both offensive and defensive value as the best available technology. PRS allows owners and operators to be at the forefront of this sea change, improving the health and wellbeing of occupants, while ensuring employee productivity, and the competitiveness and value of the business.

NEPC Report – 2022

– – Click image to download – –

Environmental Sustainability

Increased ‘fresh’ air circulation has rightly been a go-to strategy during the pandemic, ensuring more frequent air changes and dilution of any airborne pathogens. Such a strategy is not without consequences, the major one being the huge increase in energy consumption. HEPA filters play an important role, however the higher-grade ones increase resistance (meaning a higher fuel burn), and require special care when replacing and disposing (a bio hazard).

From the environmental perspective it is clear that the ‘100% fresh air’ route is not sustainable, Fortunately, PRS technology provides the solution.

The continuous innovation of the optical cavity design has focused on incremental energy efficiency, and associated carbon footprint reduction. With our patented design elements, no other system on the market produces more UVC radiation, in ratio to energy supplied, than PRS.

Filters are still required to catch larger particulate matter however spaces can safely embrace the efficiencies of recirculated air by using our technology, safely reducing operation costs, and, of course, saving lives.

View Testing Data:

UVC Safety Testing

Live Virus Testing

Electrical Safety Testing

ESG Accountability

PRS will help most businesses meet their ESG obligations. Our constantly evolving technology, the best available, and recently qualified for the IWBI Works with WELL license, helps lower fuel consumption relative to alternative strategies, reducing carbon output and consumable waste, thereby demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

Protecting people within our spaces is both a moral and a legislative duty for us all. Whether it’s improving general health and wellbeing or protecting against the next pandemic, PRS has the long-term solution. Our system doesn’t discriminate, handling any airborne pathogen in a fast and effective manner. Confident occupants will be more productive as the prevalence of moulds, viruses and other airborne bugs is greatly reduced.

Any Pathogen, Any Space, Any Environment is a statement we deliver on. We build solutions to suit the space, capacity, and the level of efficacy required. Our technology enhances occupant confidence while ensuring a safer environment across a spectrum of indoor spaces.

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