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The recent pandemic has highlighted the nature and prevalence of airborne infection within buildings. Hospitals in particular are well known to be the most common place for the spread of infection, despite the mitigation measures taken within the building. Infected patients will emit virions with every breath and a multi-patient ward will contain an atmosphere laden with pathogens.

A key mitigation is the use of 100% fresh air circulation. While this will have a very positive effect it will also lead to extremely high energy bills during winter months. Delivering a suitably ambient temperature within the building is an expensive business and there will be other issues at play, such as dampness and condensation, which degrade the building itself.

PRS can solve all these problems at once. Because our technology allows for safe air recirculation to be used there is a real opportunity to reduce energy consumption, while ensuring a much safer environment within the building, whether it be a medical setting or a commercial office. Details of our successful Bio Lab testing can be found on the Our Solution page.

“Third-party testing has proven our science; we now have the leading commercial UVC solution!”  

Ian Sinclair

CEO & Founder


  • Proven efficacy using live viruses
  • World class performance
  • Bespoke design and build
  • Integrates into existing plant
  • Permanent, cost-effective solution
  • Allows for safe air recirculation
  • Huge energy savings vs 100% fresh air
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Peace of mind for building occupants


A Major Improvement in IAQ

Most modern large-scale buildings are designed with energy efficient air handling systems. To ensure such efficiency they utilize air recirculation, with an element of fresh air mix. The recirculated portion has already been heated or cooled, so the cost to maintain an ambient temperature is far less than if 100% fresh air is used.

A system with PRS installed will have all air, whether fresh or recirculated, treated on every pass, meaning and cold and flu bugs will be greatly reduced and not be spread around the building.

PRS is an important part of the drive to improve Indoor Air Quality. Modern, energy-saving strategies have led to the prevalence of air recirculation, which is often used in contemporary buildings. Such air recirculation systems are often cited as the cause of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and are similarly likely to spread airborne pathogens such as Covid-19, the Flu or the common cold.

Statistics produced prior to the pandemic showed that Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) was estimated to have been costing the British economy 24.6 million lost working days every year. As economies and businesses slowly get back to normal this figure will undoubtedly rise as returning workers are naturally more cautious and the culture surrounding working while sick changes.

Key Benefits


Bespoke Design

Systems can be retrofitted and are manufactured on a bespoke basis, to suit the required volume and speed of airflow of your air-handling systems.

Any air-conditioning system which operates with recirculation can be considered. It can be installed in large ducts situated in AHU plant rooms, or smaller ducts within MVHR systems.

We manufacture units tailored to the exact size of ducting and then the UVC radiation levels are calibrated to suit the volume and speed or air to be treated.


Risk Mitigation

Dilution of any viral or bacterial contaminant in the air mitigates risk. The higher the viral load and the longer our exposure, the greater the risk of infection.

With PRS installed any air within a mechanical air circulation system is constantly being treated, preventing a build-up of viral load.

Investing in a Pathogen Reduction System© will protect the occupants of your buildings against airborne pathogens, now and in the future!


Powerful Solution

The Pathogen Reduction System© designed and developed by our team of scientists, medical experts, and engineers, is the most powerful UVC solution on the market today.

Due to the clever configuration of the highly reflective light chamber, within the PRS unit, the system amplifies the use of photons, which means that pathogens are barraged from every angle. This 360˚ attack ensures the dose of UVC radiation is maximised and the desired rate of inactivation is achieved within a single pass.

UVC Safety Testing

Live Virus Testing

Electrical Safety Testing

Environmental, Social Governance

PRS is a highly efficient solution that reduces energy costs and carbon footprint while ensuring a safer and healthier environment for all occupants.


  1.  Energy efficient performance
  2.  Safe air recirculation saves fuel
  3.  Ensures safe air
  4.  Fully recyclable


  1.  Enhanced wellbeing within the building
  2.  Occupants confident of protection
  3.  Higher productivity – SBS reduced


  1.  Ensuring maximum achievable safe air
  2.  Embracing market leading technology
  3.  Demonstrating highest IAQ initiatives

Return on Investment

Cost Effective

Once installed PRS technology provides anti-pathogen performance for the life of the building, requiring minimal maintenance.

Total Coverage

PRS treats air on every pass through the air handling systems. Resident pathogens are inactivated on every exchange of air.

Peace of Mind

PRS keeps the recirculating air pathogen-free reducing any chance of residual viral buildup, as treated air continually replaces stale air.

Energy Efficient

PRS maximises the photon irradiation within each unit ensuring that power consumption is far lower than any similar, copy-cat device.

Improved Productivity

Sick Building Syndrome will be greatly reduced, leading to far fewer workforce sick days, often caused by common colds and seasonal flu.

Socially Responsible

Installing PRS will be a major step towards supporting clean air initiatives and will help improve Environmental Social Governance.

Market Leader

Landlords with PRS installed in their buildings will undoubtedly be ahead of competitors, demonstrating leadership and foresight.

Lower Premiums

In the wake of the pandemic global insurers are raising insurance premiums. Buildings with PRS will enjoy relatively lower insurance costs.

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