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Pathogen Reduction Solutions limited (PRS) are a science led company, who, since the start of the pandemic, have focussed on how we can make indoor spaces safer. This has led to proprietary designs of equipment, using high intensity UVC 254nm light within a unique optical cavity, that instantly inactivates pathogens within mechanically managed air systems, in a single pass, helping to create Infection Resilient Environments, with improved Indoor Air quality (IAQ).

We all need safe air, beyond that simple statement every space is different, so is PRS, with Application Practicality and Flexibility our solutions provide for any enclosed environment.

Our initial focus of making spaces safe against SARS-Cov-2, has evolved to fight other pathogens to ensure we manage current and future risk, this has been balanced with ensuring our systems have proven leading efficacy and safety.

Achieving the above whilst meeting obligations for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) can seem to be in conflict, however our unique design elements, continued research and ongoing R&D has ensured PRS installations can help you achieve both simultaneously.

“Third-party testing has proven our science; we now have the leading commercial UVC solution…”  

Ian Sinclair

CEO & Founder


  • Reduces disruption caused by infection
  • Enables more reliable business operation
  • Enhances brand image and value
  • Underpins profitability & return on capital
  • Significant contribution to net zero goals
  • Permanent, cost-effective solution
  • Proven efficacy using live viruses
  • Integrates into existing plant
  • Huge energy savings vs 100% fresh air

Proven Efficacy and Safety

Being scienced based and rapidly becoming the world leading experts in this field, we believe continuous R&D, product evolution and advanced testing are all vital to both our business, and world science understanding of the problems and solutions we all need.

To this end, we have insisted the efficacy testing carried out on our optical cavity was done using ‘Live’ pathogens (initially: SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Measles) rather than surrogates, in fast moving air (6m/s – residence time of 1/6 second) in conditions that replicate real life. This testing exceeds standards set by ASHRAE 185 and ISO 15714.

From a safety perspective, we have set ourselves operating and testing levels that exceed requirements and industry standards for both electrical and UVC safety. We are acutely aware of the risks UVC can pose to both people and materials within the built environment, and how large a concern this is to Facility Management professionals across industry. PRS installations include a ‘patent pending’ device that restrict the UVC from leaving the optical cavity so both people and infrastructure remain safe, whilst causing minimal resistance (max 20pa each end)

Full Testing Data:

UVC Safety Testing

Live Virus Testing

Electrical Safety Testing

IAQ Solutions

PRS technology will be an integral part of most future IAQ management strategies. It is applicable for both large centralised and smaller localised air handling needs, meeting each unique space’s design and air flow characteristics, helping to provide an Infection Resilient Environment.

A recent report, published in the UK, highlights the need for action to ensure such infection resilience within indoor spaces. Authored by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC), a panel led by Royal Academy of Engineering, the report calls for detailed cost benefit analysis to determine investment required and the projected benefits. They also point out current failings and make recommendations to Government and enforcement agencies about improvements to be made in future legislation. A copy of the NEPC report can be downoaded from the adjacent link.

Our systems provide both offensive and defensive value as the best available technology. PRS allows owners and operators to be at the forefront of this sea change, improving the health and wellbeing of occupants, while ensuring employee productivity, and the competitiveness and value of the business.

NEPC Report – 2022

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Environmental Sustainability

Increased ‘fresh’ air circulation has rightly been a go-to strategy during the pandemic, ensuring more frequent air changes and dilution of any airborne pathogens. Such a strategy is not without consequences, the major one being the huge increase in energy consumption. HEPA filters play an important role, however the higher-grade ones increase resistance (meaning a higher fuel burn), and require special care when replacing and disposing (a bio hazard).

From the environmental perspective it is clear that the ‘100% fresh air’ route is not sustainable, Fortunately, PRS technology provides the solution.

The continuous innovation of the optical cavity design has focused on incremental energy efficiency, and associated carbon footprint reduction, with our patent pending design elements, no other system on the market produces more UVC radiation, in ratio to energy supplied than PRS.

Filters are still required to catch larger particulate matter however spaces can safely embrace the efficiencies of recirculated air by using our technology, safely reducing operation costs, and, of course, saving lives.

ESG Accountability

PRS will help any business meet its ESG obligations. Our constantly evolving technology, the best available, helps lower fuel consumption relative to alternatives, reducing carbon output and consumable waste, thereby demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

Protecting people within our spaces is both a moral and a legislative duty for us all. Whether it’s the current pandemic or the next, PRS has the solution. Our system doesn’t discriminate, handling any airborne pathogen in a fast and effective manner.

Any Pathogen, Any Space, Any Environment is a statement we deliver on. Our standard configuration is built to inactivate Measles at log4 (99.99%), one of the harder viruses to tackle, and we have the ability to produce bespoke configurations for any project, helping to support social welfare by leading the return to normal work/life patterns.

Our solution enhances occupant confidence while ensuring a safer environment across a spectrum of indoor spaces.

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Any Pathogen, Any Space, Any Environment:



Any Pathogen,

Any Space,

Any Environment: