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The Pathogen Reduction System© designed and developed by our team of scientists, medical experts, and engineers, is the most powerful UVC solution on the market today.

Due to the clever configuration of the highly reflective light chamber, within the PRS unit, the system amplifies the use of photons, which means that pathogens are barraged from every angle.  This 360˚ attack ensures the dose of UVC radiation is maximised and the desired rate of inactivation is achieved within a single pass.

UVC Dosage

A study from Boston University has shown that 5mJ/cm² of 254nm UVC radiation inactivates 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within 6 seconds. A PRS unit delivers far higher levels of radiation, due to the highly reflective surface within the optical cavity. Pathogens are attacked from all angles as photons continue to rebound within the optical cavity.

We are able to calibrate the system as required to suit the client’s requirements. For example: in a medical setting we can generate enough UVC radiation to inactivate viruses far smaller than Covid-19, such as measles.

Integration into HVAC

The primary plant equipment in a modern, commercial air conditioning systems is the Air Handling Unit (AHU). The AHU processes all the air before it is released into the building’s general population. Fresh air from outside is drawn into the system, where it is filtered and temperature-managed, to ensure a constant and comfortable atmosphere for occupants.

HVAC systems typically recirculate 70%-80% of the building’s air. As air completes its cycle and returns to the AHU most of it is mixed with incoming fresh air to begin the cycle again. In this system the majority of the air circulated is already at an ambient temperature, and less heating or cooling is required.

The PRS unit is installed in a suitable section of ducting, after this air processing has taken place. This ensures that all air is treated every time it circulates through the handling system.

HVAC systems are typically set to recirculate air between 5-8 times per hour, so any airborne pathogens present in the building will be quickly inactivated, preventing the build up of a dangerous viral load.

Setting the Standard for UVC Solutions in Commercial Air Handling Systems

Bespoke Installation

Systems can be retrofitted and are manufactured on a bespoke basis, to suit the required volume and speed of airflow of your air-handling systems.

Any air-conditioning system which operates with recirculation can be considered. It can be installed in large ducts situated in AHU plant rooms, or smaller ducts within MVHR systems.

We manufacture units tailored to the exact size of ducting and then the UVC radiation levels are calibrated to suit the volume and speed or air to be treated.