Order & Installation

Understand the process from order to installation

The Order Process

There are a few simple steps towards ensuring your building’s air-supply is pathogen free. An initial phone consultation will help you understand exactly how our system works and whether we can help you.

Our engineers will then review the plant plans of your building and use them to provide an outline quotation. If the basis of this is acceptable, we will proceed with a full site survey.

A full proposal with pricing is then prepared and submitted. Once the contract is agreed and the down-payment is made, the manufacturing begins.

Fabrication times depend on the size of the order and availability of materials. Once ready our engineers will be return to the site to install the PRS units.

Once installed a rigorous testing regime is undertaken. We then train your Buildings Management team on how to operate the system safely and explain the maintenance protocols. Actual maintenance will be carried out by trained PRS engineers.


UVC Safety Measures


We utilise UVC 254nm light in our anti-pathogen solution. High levels of UVC radiation are a danger to human beings, as well as many susceptible materials, so it is particularly important to highlight the safety measures and protocols built into PRS:

  • UVC containment section – eliminates UVC leakage outside the optical cavity, ensuring UVC light cannot bleed into, or out of the ducting
  • Automated cut-off – this mechanism turns off the UVC light source in the event of airflow being turned off for maintenance or the air handling system fails
  • Power interlock – automatically turns the power off if anyone attempts to open the PRS
  • Safety maintenance key – ensures that the system cannot be turned on during maintenance



PRS anti-pathogen technology allows buildings to resume normal air circulation practices

Further Information

PRS Brochure

PRS in the Workplace

PRS in the Workplace


Understanding the Science

Medical Overview

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