PRS gains UK Patent for ‘Game Changing’ Indoor Air Quality Technology

Nov 21, 2023 | PRS News

Pathogen Reduction Solutions (PRS) – a pioneering British & US technology start-up – has been awarded its first patent for its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) System. Patent Ref: GB 2601361

PRS was founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic to improve global human health and well-being by providing safe indoor air for all. What has emerged is a technology that is transforming the way we manage airborne pathogens and leading the ever increasingly dynamic field of IAQ management, a field energized by a growing market awareness of the ongoing risks that airborne pathogens pose in indoor spaces.

These risks are being taken very seriously now across many sectors, from real estate – large buildings used for work or public use – to hospitals, the marine (cruise ships) sector and indoor agriculture.

In simple terms the PRS proprietary technology removes a host of dangerous airborne pathogens from the air circulating in a building’s HVAC system, quicker and more effectively than any other system on the market.

PRS is scientifically proven to handle common viruses and bacteria that include SARS-CoV-2, the common flu, MRSA, measles, TB and also, moulds like Aspergillus Niger which can be detrimental to both human health and crop yields. The system has undergone un-paralleled world-class bio lab testing in the US and the UK and is proving itself in the first wave of installations in large office buildings in the UK which have seen statistically significant reductions in airborne pathogens post installation.

PRS works by employing high intensity 254-nm spectrum ultraviolet light (UVC) – UVC is widely accepted application for sterilizing generally static surfaces over long duration exposures – within a bespoke unit that fits inside existing HVAC systems.

As air moves through the PRS unit, pathogens present are killed immediately, returning clean air back into the building. It is the system’s ability to inactivate pathogens in a single pass of moving air, when the transit time is measured in a fraction of a second that is a game-changing development for IAQ.

PRS Unit

Its innovative installation approach enables practical retrofits to complement existing air handling systems or incorporation into new builds as part of a smart, integrated air handling system. 

With the added capability to enhance and sustained economic and environmental benefits through improved energy efficiencies and reduced energy costs, forward-thinking organisations are now seeing this technology as a foundational part of their long-term anti-pathogen strategies and a key enabler to drive improved IAQ standards and ESG gains.

The System and cavity unit illustration:

In recent months PRS has also become a cornerstone member of the International Well-Building Institute (WELL) a global movement created to transform health & wellbeing with a people-first approach to buildings, organisations and communities.

CEO and Co-founder of PRS, Ian Sinclair commented, “The award of the patent is a vital step forward in the global development of PRS. We’ve always had the utmost confidence that our innovative technology has the capability to transform how the world manages indoor air quality and play a key role in helping keep indoor spaces and building occupants healthy. Not only do we know it outperforms all other anti-airborne pathogen solution available today, the economic and environmental benefits it provides serve the interests of all businesses. We expect the next 12 months to be transformative for our client partners and the IAQ movement alike…”