The System

Future proofing spaces against airborne pathogens

The System

Future proofing spaces against airborne pathogens

Scientific Solutions

We offer a complete anti-pathogen solution for commercial air handling in large, enclosed spaces. Our UVC systems can be retrofitted and are manufactured on a modular basis, customised to suit the required volume and speed of airflow of the air-handling system.

Patented and world class bio-lab verified, PRS instantly inactivates airborne pathogens traveling through its optical cavity, ensuring safe air and an infection resilient environment. Testing has proven the effectiveness of our system on SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, Measles, and Aspergillus Niger. The results of live virus testing can be found below.

In addition to air safety, PRS also provides sustained economic and environmental benefits. The ability to safely recirculate air significantly reduces energy costs and importantly, carbon footprints.

Custom-Built Design

Systems are designed to suit the specific air handling parameters of the space

Proven Efficacy

Bio safety level 3 lab testing on multiple airborne pathogens has proven efficacy

Powerful Solution

Proven to tackle viruses, bacteria, and fungi in fast-moving air in HVAC systems

Full Integration

PRS units integrate into existing HVAC systems, retrofit or new build as required






PRS Technical Specifications

BSL3 Lab Report

Technical Specifications

Our systems have undergone rigorous technical and scientific testing to demonstrate operational efficacy and performance. PRS is undoubtedly the leading technology in its class, and it will lead the drive for infection resilient environments and improved IAQ for years to come.

We are continually adapting and advancing our technology, ensuring we remain the leading experts in our field. To date, we have been granted one patent and have filed a further three applications. We expect to make more submissions in the near future.

We have the only UVC-based solution able to successfully treat large volumes of air traveling at high speed. This makes PRS the ideal technology for large buildings, hospitals, and vessels. Not only can we ‘kill’ any pathogen, but we can also do it very safely, as our UVC safety testing at LUX TSI demonstrates. Details of all our technical and scientific testing can be downloaded from the panel on the left.

Biological Efficacy

Efficacy proven using multiple live pathogens in fast-moving air at a BSL3 Lab


Build Quality

Highest quality build and installation via partnerships with leading engineers

Electrical Safety

Fully tested and certified by Nemko, with SISTEMA safety sign-off


UVC Safety

Testing at LUX TSI laboratory has proven complete safety for people and plant



UVC Safety Measures

Airborne pathogens circulating through the PRS optical cavity are exposed to high levels of UVC 254nm light which ‘kills’ them instantly. UVC radiation is a danger to human beings, and it will also degrade certain materials within HVAC systems. In order to protect the workforce and plant equipment a series of safety measures have been built into PRS systems:

  • UVC containment section – eliminates UVC leakage outside the optical cavity, ensuring UVC light cannot bleed, avoiding damage to existing plant, building materials, and ensuring the safety of occupants and maintenance personnel.
  • Automated cut-off – this mechanism turns off the UVC light source in the event no airflow is detected, the system auto starts once airflow resumes.
  • Power interlock – automatically turns the power off if anyone attempts to open the PRS
  • Safety maintenance key – ensures that the system cannot be turned on during maintenance

Please contact us to learn more about the extensive UVC safety testing we have had conducted at the LUX-TSI laboratories in Wales.


Installation is undertaken by an approved panel of HVAC engineering companies. CONTACT US for further information.

Integration into Existing Ventilation

PRS systems are adaptable to most ventilation scenarios, whether existing or proposed. The most efficient solution is to install our units after the air handlers, so that all external or recirculated air is treated on every pass. We offer compact systems to integrate with fan coil units, so if a smaller, localised solution is required it is easy and cost-effective to implement.

Our systems are manufactured on a modular basis to meet most requirements and are then adapted to suit the particular needs of the client. Energy efficiency measures are built in. A standard unit includes four banks of lamps which can be programmed individually to be on or off depending on the time of day or the season. In most instances, half power will be enough to handle day-to-day pathogens.

Whether installed in a specific location or building wide, PRS will ensure airborne pathogens, within that area, are removed every time the air is exchanged.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to learn how PRS will ensure a healthy and safe environment in your space.

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PRS in the Workplace

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